Monday, June 27, 2005

Giving up Kitty

You know how some people tell you it's killing them, literally tearing their heart out but they have to give their cat away, even though it's like a member of the family? Now, some people honestly have no other choice for some reason, but some people like the guy who emailed today wants to give up the cat because the rental flat they're in is too small.

It always makes me wonder. These are people who will tell you how much the cat means to them, and how they can't bear to let the cat go. Then don't. If your flat was too small for your family, you'd either make do, or get a bigger flat. I don't see them dropping their children or spouses off because the flat isn't big enough (and of course they shouldn't). I honestly prefer people who just come right out and say, I'm irresponsible, I don't want my cat anymore. Let's not waste everyone's time by pretending it's so upsetting, because if it was, this person wouldn't be giving up their cat (or cats).

It is further grating to me in this case, because the person deliberately bred the cats. They didn't even have the excuse of ignorance.


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