Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Habbo Hotel

I just came back from meeting the Habbo Hotel people - one of whom has a blog I read regularly (yes it is a cat blog!). It was quite fun and I got to try out a trial session with a group of the children and young people in the hotel at the time. The questions they asked were very telling - one kept asking about germs, others had not heard about sterilisation. It was interesting that the whole group (who were not specially picked but just happened to be around) all liked animals. The questions ranged from the serious to the really bizarre - ie cats must be allowed to roam because it's like marriage. Alrighhhhty....

I'll be doing an actual session on 13th July for two hours but the questions do come quick and fast. Plus it has this interesting word filter that doesn't allow words like 'cut' and 'lick' so you have to come up with alternatives!

Jolanda kindly agreed to go to the warehouse for me, which was good so I could spend more time learning the ropes!


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