Thursday, June 30, 2005


Today one of the town councils called because they wanted to know about a messy area where the cats were being kept by the feeder. I told them that these were community cats, and not kept in any area. The town council officer then told me that one of the feeders had taken over two storerooms and installed her cats inside without permission and had even locked it up! Yesterday she had asked me to call the town council and when I called they asked me about a meeting which I had no information about!

I tried to find out from the feeder why she didn't tell me this information, she said she didn't think it was important. Then she said she didn't think anyone knew about the holding room so there was no need to tell me. She kept saying she was trying to save her cats.

Her motives were undoubtedly good, but the most important thing you need to inculcate with the town council is a relationship of trust. If you ruin that, they will not want to work with you - which means more cats will die. They will not call you if there are problems because you are deemed untrustworthy. If you need the Society to help speak with the town council, you need to give us ALL the relevant information about your estate - size of cat population you feed, how many sterilised, whether you feed in a clean manner, etc. Tell us the truth - don't sugar coat the details. It's always better to be upfront, so we can see what needs to be done about the situation (for example, do more sterilisations, stop taking over storerooms!) rather then tell a lie which doesn't help at all.

As I explained to the feeder, it's like a trial. If you don't give us all the information, we can't represent you properly.


Anonymous siew kah said...

I guess one positive thing that came out of this is that the town council is again made aware that there are people who like cats a lot - so much that they will do whatever thay can to keep them from harm. Thanks to individual and collective voices like that of CWS, town councils realise that going behind the backs of the volunteers to kill the community cats is no longer a viable way of managing the estates.

30/6/05 1:20 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - the town council lady was still willing to help. It's just that we must do our parts to work together and look like we're reliable and trustworthy. Basically the same as in any relationship I guess!

30/6/05 1:50 PM  

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