Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Shirts, packing & online avatars!

Josephine and Lillian met with the t-shirt supplier and he now has to give us one batch of shirts free because basically he messed up the sizing. They have terrible quality control - different sizes, strange gradations in the sizing. I'm sending down our shirts to our old supplier today because Josephine spoke with him and he may be able to get us the baby tees we wanted!

Also have to go to the warehouse to pack for the SMU exhibition this week. I had a rather strange conversation with this woman whose daughter wrote in to volunteer - except the daughter (who is working) wrote in under her mother's name. Her mother said she thinks her daughter is trying to keep her busy as she loves cats, but the mother had no idea about the exhibition, nor about what sterilisation is. I explained it to her and suggested perhaps she can help manage the cats in her estate.

I'll also be going down to meet the people from Habbo Hotel, which runs an online virtual world for teenagers and they incorporate educational talks into this. Being quite an addict of the SIMS, this should be quite interesting.

Tonight I'll also be meeting with the fundraising team. We're trying to get another sub-committee started up - unfortunately, the last one didn't work out because the volunteers kept missing meetings!


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