Wednesday, June 29, 2005

TNR video Part II

Jolanda and I met with the people from Rainforest Productions who are kindly offering to help with the video. However, it will cost because we're thinking of roughly breaking it up into different sections - one section will be on Trapping and how it's done, another section will tentatively be on the benefits of sterilisation and why it's important to sterilise. A third section may be on the difference between a managed and unmanaged colony. The cost will include the cost of making copies as well - this will make it possible for us to give the video out to as many people as possible. There's so much to cover, but really it's only going to be say a 5 minute video.

We had cats sitting in on the meeting which was lovely. The lovely white cat in the photo had been declawed and his behaviour was so defensive - anytime another cat came by, he would hiss and spit even when the cat wasn't doing anything. He was found all dirty and scared hiding under cars because his previous owners must have dumped him. He also didn't like it when you touched him anywhere below the waist. We already know declawing is evvvvvillll (as written about in our current issue of the newsletter as well) but it really leaves the cats vulnerable and thus defensive.


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