Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Video and adopters

Jolanda and I are going to meet one of our old committee members this morning. She is a freelance producer and we're hoping to get her help to do a TNR video. She's kindly offered to donate her services, but any editing costs which she has to pay someone else for we'll need to pay. We're thinking of a very simple TNR video just to show how it's done and hopefully when the volunteers on our website are done, people will be able to just download it from there. One of the Filipino delegates has already been in touch to ask if we had a TNR video and I directed her to Alley Cat Allies fantastic video.

Someone returned a cat to our adoption team this morning. As the original foster cannot take it back for various reasons, one of our volunteers arranged for it to be placed somewhere for the time being. This adopter had fallen in love with the cat and said he really liked it. He lived alone and all went well, until it turned out his mother (who doesn't live with him) didn't like to see the cat when she was visiting. We suggested putting the cat in a room when his mother visited (not possible according to him as his mother likes to go into all the rooms), or trying different solutions, but he decided to return the cat, despite the fact that he said it was a lovely cat.

He called one of the adoption team yesterday evening and asked that she pick up the cat last night. Normally, adopters are asked to return the cat themselves, but the volunteer agreed to pick it up. The adopter then asked that the cat be picked up on Thursday, which the volunteer could not do, so he agreed to the pickup this morning, but the cat had to be picked up by 8 am as he was going to work. So one bleary eyed volunteer went down this morning - only to find the adopter not even dressed yet! :)


Anonymous Geraldine said...

as the mother is not living together with him & does not come-by daily (i presumed) plus, there are more than one room.. it seems to be just an 'excuse', to (instantly) give-up his cat. Not to mention, mothers are generally more interested with 'kitchen' than 'bedroom'..

29/6/05 2:12 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes the mother apparently does not go everyday and the volunteer asked if he could keep the cat in his bedroom while she was around. He said however his mother uses his bedroom so that was out too!

29/6/05 2:16 PM  

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