Monday, June 27, 2005

Working together

I'm going to emphasise again that it's really really really important to work together with the town councils. While some town councils are very difficult, and some officers are impossible to work with, unfortunately some feeders are the same. I do make a distinction between feeders and volunteers or caregivers - the latter are responsible and manage the cats, the former just feed. If there is a cat complaint for example, it's always helpful if the volunteer can help to take a look if it is in the vicinity. I'm always amazed that some feeders will refuse to go to the next block, or a block five minutes away to help to see what the problem is. Take one of the feeders I spoke to today - she's in an area where if there is a complaint, no one is much interested in taking a look even if it's just the block across the road. The excuse is that everyone's busy, or that it's not their block and hence not their responsibility. It could really save a cat's life. One volunteer I remember from a while ago said that as the cats in that block weren't her cats, so she wasn't going to go and look.

The sad thing is - a lot of these complaints can be easily solved or looked into, but the feeders there don't want to help. Sadly, I know of one pretty co-operative town council for example, which has pretty irresponsible feeders who are not interested in helping to solve complaints. Instead they just blame the town council. In other areas, we have great volunteers and not supportive town councils. I wish I could kind of use my magic wand and zap them around so that the good volunteers and town council are in the same area!


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