Friday, July 29, 2005

Abandonment - it IS a crime

Dropped by SPCA afterward, to drop off a copy of "The Real Singapore Cat" for them. I also spoke to the Operations Manager about the case with the caregiver who had a lot of trouble filing her report. They were writing to the police about it and I told them that I had managed to speak with the investigative officer in charge. We've agreed to keep each other updated.

I also want to see what happens with the case today of the missing cat picked up by the police - once the volunteer can confirm that it was definitely picked up by the police, then we have to find out where the cat went. It's definitely not at the SPCA or AVA.

There are some very kind officers who are very competent, but unfortunately there are also quite a few who seem not to know what the status of the law is with regards to abandonment and abuse of animals. This may be due to the fact that have a lot of new recruits, but we would be happy to speak to the academy recruits about this (and SPCA also apparently said the same). It was actually brought up with the policy people we met a while ago, but now those people have been changed and new officers are in place.


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