Friday, July 29, 2005

Cat 'arrested'?

One of the caregivers called Jolanda to say that she had been contacted by the people working around a certain area where there lived a very friendly cat. The cat has been there for many years and he is well loved by all.

Last Wednesday, the cat was picked up because the cat allegedly bit a child. The people in the area claim that the child provoked the cat according to the caregiver and the mother of the child called the police and the cat was removed by a policeman. Now the question is where the cat has gone to.

The police say they have no record of the cat being brought in. They think it may have been brought to the SPCA. AVA has no records of the cat either. Will check with SPCA, but if it's a cat with a tipped ear, I would be very surprised if they took it in. Unfortunately, the details are all so hazy - it's important to give the Society or anyone looking into the case as many details as are relevant to the case as possible.


Blogger vegancat said...

I always worry when a child approached a cat. Any reaction to provocation by the child will be blamed on the cat. I will watch to bear witness in case such incidence arise.
I have heard of a friend who saw two children abusing the cats at her downstairs and when she gently chided the children, the mother threatened to call town council to get rid of "all her cats". Luckily the father was more level-headed and told the woman that their children were at fault! and that shut her up. The cats are still around.

29/7/05 12:49 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes it's worrying isn't it? Most children are just over-exbuerant, rather than mean, but the cat will naturally defend themselves. I have to say that when I did an adoption drive at the American School a few years ago, a little girl grabbed a kitten and was scratched and started crying. I was holding my breath about the lawsuit - and the father said, don't worry, she should know better than to handle a cat like that. Whew.

29/7/05 12:55 PM  
Anonymous siew kah said...

A few weeks ago, I had to tell a boy (about 9 years old) off in front of this mother because he was trying to pour water from his water bottle onto a cat sleeping on the sidewalk. His mother was of course not happy that I scolded her son, but if I hadn't done that the cat would been drenched - with the mother of the boy looking on approvingly.

The case of the arrested cat which Dawn mentioned is an extension of the the age old problem of "my child or my dog".

30/7/05 10:23 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Good for you Siew Kah - we need to speak up, because sometimes sadly, parents don't.

30/7/05 12:14 PM  

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