Friday, July 29, 2005

Cats in cages

I just came back from a few cases. I had to drive by this area where there was apparently an injured cat, but the owner of the shop where the cat lives has been feeding it, and he said the cat looks fine to him. He'll check and let me know if it's sterilised - if not we'll let him know about the subsidised sterilisation rates.

Then a volunteer and I went down to this house. We've gone down twice before, and spoken to the woman on the phone a few more times. She has some cats which she lets wander around. However, she keeps the rest in these small cages - two to a cage. She agreed after we spoke to her to get them sterilised and release them or alternatively to fence in her garden and she did send in some cats to be done. However she stopped - and someone wrote in to complain that the house was in as bad a condition as before.

No one was home today. I left a message and asked her to please call me again because now her phone has been disconnected. The house still looks occupied though.


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