Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cats in condominium

I went down to meet a lady who contacted us and asked us to go with her to speak with her estate manager. They have been contemplating trapping the community cats there - the cats have been sterilised by this lady, though not all of them have been done yet.

The complaints are the usual - defecation, potential health risks, potential scratching of cars. We explained the concept of a TNR Management programme. Again I told him that this was not a question of cat lovers versus cat haters - but an effective solution which can result in a situation where EVERYONE is happy.

They have trapped cats in the estate before, but obviously, new cats just move in again!

The situation is also more complicated as quite a few of the residents also let their pet cats wander, so it's confusing for both the residents and the estate. Even if the volunteers or ourselves did mediation, it would be hard to tell I'm sure - as it is in other estates. The lady who rang us as well does let her cats out in the day, but she is now considering keeping them in all the time and says she will start doing so.

The manager says he'll put the proposal up to the committee, and I've asked to be allowed to make a presentation to the committee as well if they will let us do so.


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