Thursday, July 28, 2005

Enthusiasm for TNR!

I have to say the part of my job which I really enjoy is meeting people who are all excited about starting TNR programmes. Jolanda and I both agreed that it makes you feel good to see people all harnessing their energy to try their best to do something for the cats.

I went down to meet these two ladies to drop a trap after going to the condominium. One lady asked her friend along - they've been sterilising and are down to the last few cats they cannot just pick up and pop in a carrier to be sterilised. They looked like really good friends, and I was really surprised to hear they just met a few weeks ago when some residents complained in their estate about the cats. Both of them came down and started explaining that they had been trapping and what they were doing, and that's how they met! The cats were fortunately left alone.

While I was demonstrating the trap, one of the ladies was visibly excited that this would allow her to get the last few difficult to get cats. Her passion and enthusiasm were wonderful to see. She mentioned there are a few more people who want to learn about TNR too and I told her, we'd be happy to come down and demonstrate if she could just get them organised.

I've noticed with the last few groups we showed the traps to, people were raring to go.

Also, for the record, I've noticed that quite a few people on the East seem to be starting programmes, borrowing traps and getting the cats done there. All the people I've been to see this week are on the East. Way to go people in the East! :)


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