Friday, July 29, 2005

Singaporeans - most violent people on earth?

Apparently, they must be, for neighbours are so scared to confront each other! The man who wrote in to complain about the man feeding in his backlane last night, sees this man almost every night. He says it's causing a nuisance, and there's a bad smell, BUT instead of first trying to talk to the man, he calls the police. That's right boys and girls, because calling the police, always makes it better. The police incidentally weren't able to do anything.

Now he's written to his town council, the police, his MP and to us. Now I know we have people like the Everitt Road group, but I seriously hope they're the exception and not the rule. I have to say most of my neighbours have been really nice people (with one exception).

So here's the thing, why won't people just speak to their neighbours directly? Many a time when we have gone down to mediate, a lot of people get upset because they wonder why their neighbours didn't just speak to them directly. If that doesn't work, then it can always be escalated to the proper authorities, but you've given your neighbour a chance to solve the problem first, which I think he or she will appreciate. If not, then call CWS, town council, police, etc.

Some people say it's because they don't want their neighbours to know who they are. Let me tell you that from what we've observed, most of them have a pretty good clue whom the complainant is anyway.


Blogger The Imp said...

singaporeans love to complain. but when asked for name and details, most are just scared shitless to give anything concrete. they don't want the responsibility. they see it as trouble. i tell you, most singaporeans are babies.

heh. CWS have to become mediators too. aiyoh. all these people don't seem to have what was known as neighborliness anymore.

29/7/05 5:00 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - and really, if people just spoke to their neighbours, I think people would be happier rather than getting the police, town council, etc involved.

When I asked why this man did not just talk to the man, he said that on principle he does not deal with public nuisance directly since this is what he pays the police to do!

29/7/05 5:45 PM  
Anonymous siew kah said...

I noticed this thing about singaporeans, too. when I was living in another asian country, when one's neighbour has his stereo on too loud, one walks over and tells him off. In Singapore, people call the police. I think it has to do with a certain dependence on the authorities to solve problems for them.

30/7/05 10:28 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Exactly - and sometimes the more someone complains, the more attention they get, which is kind of fostering a spoilt brat mentality. I know the town councils, etc are there to solve problems, but sometimes they should just tell people that they need to solve it themselves. The town council is there to do a job (and a tough job it often is) - it's not meant to be the slave to everyone's whims and fancies. I think volunteers are doing great work to help town councils - and it's a shame to sometimes see it be destroyed by people who make anonymous, needless complaints.

30/7/05 12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Community work helps us to see people's behaviour and attitudes, the good, the bad and the cowards.

30/7/05 2:41 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Very true.

30/7/05 3:15 PM  

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