Thursday, July 28, 2005

Talking to management and booking early

I'm dropping a trap off this morning, then heading to another condo to talk to the manager of the condominium about starting a TNR project there with one of the residents. Most of the cats are sterilised, but apparently, there was a complaint, so now the residents who care for the cats are worried.

One of the people I dropped a cat trap off to two days ago called and said she needed a slot as she caught the cat. I had explained to her then it's best to book in advance, and to give us a week's notice to make sure we get a slot. I gave her the number to leave a message - and she called me this morning and said she caught the cat and needs a slot now. She said she left a message and no one had called her yet. I dropped the trap on Tuesday evening, it's now Thursday morning - and poor Jolanda has to scramble and try and find her a slot. So please, book early - you can always cancel the slot if you can't trap the cat (as I told this woman).


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