Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bad service

I've been thinking more and more about service in Singapore. All of us have had bad service experiences (though there are of course some really good ones too). I think the authorities' attempt to bring up the service standard is laudable. However, it's about inculcating a culture of politeness basically - for example, if you get good service in a shop, then go home and speak to a really rude town council officer, what impression does that leave you with? We can't expect salespeople to be held up to one standard (just because they're 'selling' things) and town council officers for example, to be held up to another.

It's not even about agreement - two people can disagree completely, and still be polite to one another. However, it IS about being civil. I know that officers have a tough job, and sometimes people can be really rude and unpleasant to them, but why is is that some of them (a minority fortunately) are rude and hostile to volunteers and residents about the cats without provocation? I sincerely doubt they're being so rude to the complainants.

I know the caregiver today who was trying to get the officer not to trap her cats. She is one of the most soft spoken people I know and I seriously doubt she would have raised her voice. She never wants to make trouble or cause a problem - there was no reason for the officer to be rude to her, and then to me.

So - thoughts. Anyone have bad experiences (or really good ones) with officers whether it's related to cats or otherwise?


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