Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Asia 'wakes up' to animal welfare

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Asia 'wakes up' to animal welfare

Asians care just as much about animal welfare - and I do think most people, whether they like animals or not, don't want to see animals treated cruelly or killed.


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Blogger David Holmes said...

As a huge cat lover I am very pleased to know about organizations such as the one you work for. We have the ASPCA in the USA. But the sheer volume of animals is overwhelming. God bless you. Okay time to get back to work (I’m slacking off) :)

24/8/05 1:34 AM  
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Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks David!And everyone needs to take a break from work sometimes ;)

24/8/05 1:45 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It remains for the "common" people to vocalise more and louder on the need to enshrine animal rights on par with human rights. Asians have to catch up with westerners in not being afraid to speak up to govenrnment officers, who after no longer like lords of the past to be feared, but as civil SERVANTS to serve and respect the views of the common people.

24/8/05 9:45 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I don't think it's even about animal rights being on par with human rights. You can believe that animal rights are subservient for example to peoples' interests, and still all this behaviour would be repulsive. It doesn't mean that an animal should be treated with no compassion even if you believe they are not equal to humans.

24/8/05 10:27 AM  
Anonymous existentialist cat said...

sadly civil servants here still "serve their lords" and those who don't are often penalised (with lower promotion potential etc.). sometimes it is not that we don't speak loud enough but whether what we speak is in line with the goverment officers' "missions" - both personal and organisational.

taking a step further, if the authorities indirectly 'endorse' a sterilie environment, it is likely their subordinates see things that way too.

24/8/05 1:37 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

But the problem is that often people don't speak up at all. So the officers see it as pleasing the complainants. What we often find is that the complainants are vocal. The people who like cats don't speak up. So of course the officers will deal with the complaints by removing the cats.

24/8/05 1:41 PM  

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