Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cat friendly businesses

I just got back from the accountant a while ago. They're a nice firm run by a cat friendly man who has cats of his own. When we were looking for accountants, we called around, and when he heard that I was calling on behalf of the Society, he immediately said that he liked cats and would be happy to help us out at a cheaper price.

It's not just the cheaper price (though that certainly helps!), but it's quite sweet to go into a meeting and after all the formal stuff has been settled, people start whipping out their phones to show you photos of their cats! More importantly, I think it's important we try and support cat friendly businesses when we can. A lot of the time, people have problems because people DON'T like cats and the cats are seen as a hindrance to their businesses. It's encouraging to let them know that people do support their animal friendly practices.

When we have committee dinners, we try to eat at establishments we know are cat friendly. This means restaurants and places that support TNRM or who may even have set up a cat cafe to lure the cats away from their restaurants for TNRM. There's so much negative pressure brought to bear on these kind people - now it's time for some positive reinforcement!


Blogger vegancat said...

Yes perhaps cws can come out with a list of cat-friendly businessess that we can support.
Some shops in HDB estates have cats hanging around, indicating that the owners probably been feeding them. I usually would pat the cats and compliment the owners on how "kwai" and beautiful their cats are! Positive reinforcment!

23/8/05 4:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Restaurants are a problem though - one lady is so frightened she'll get caught because she has a cat that apears at her restaurant sometimes.

23/8/05 4:26 PM  
Anonymous existentialist cat said...

perhaps black listing too...like CASE

there is this nasty shop at pasir ris central that placed kittens in plastic bags to die, i never once went back there after i heard about the incident

23/8/05 11:17 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That's not just blacklisting - that's a crime. Did you file a report?

23/8/05 11:18 PM  
Anonymous existentialist cat said...

the kittens were rescued. i don't think they filed a report. i heard about this crime at least three times in different places.....terrible folks

24/8/05 1:02 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Please do ask these people to file a report. If not, these abusers will get away with it.

24/8/05 1:04 AM  
Anonymous existentialist cat said...

it happened sometime back..anyways i guess a lot of fear surrounds feeders to come forth to report. not so much the fear of personal persecution but potential persecution against the remaining cats.

sometimes when the kittens are not hurt, feeders rather turn a blind eye - considering the amount of backlash if case was reported..more cats might be hurt in the dark, or TC culling all cats to prevent such incidents happening again.

24/8/05 1:41 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I disagree - I know the feeders are scared, but it's how you handle it. As I said, in the cases we have dealt with, none of the cats were removed as a result of the abuse.

Why would TCs kill all the cats to prevent an abusive case like this happening again? It's important to show that abuse is a crime - if they hurt a cat, studies have shown, they often escalate.

By not reporting the feeders are letting the abusers get away with it. They see that there is no repercussion so they can go ahead and hurt more animals with no problems.

24/8/05 2:26 PM  

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