Friday, August 26, 2005

On my way to the meeting, this dog dashes in front of the car. I tried to make a grab for her but she kept running into the road, and when I rang the doorbell to the house she obviously lived in no one was home. The other dog in the house was obviously friendly with her. Poor dog. I'm going out in a short while to see if she's okay. Posted by Picasa


Blogger vegancat said...

How's the puppy or dog?
I saw a maltese attemping to cross the busy upper changi road a few weeks ago. Do the guardians care?

26/8/05 2:00 PM  
Anonymous existentialist cat said...

Hopefully it is no one of those irreponsible case like the chap in the papers who killed his dog indirectly due to ignorance and neglect.

I wonder how he would feel if someone give him no water and shelter.

26/8/05 4:40 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

The dog looked okay - just that it was obviously bewildered on the road. Some people for some strange reason known only to them, think it's a good idea to let dogs roam around. Others just don't care if their dogs run out. Of course, it might have been an accident that the dog was released.

26/8/05 4:46 PM  

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