Monday, August 29, 2005

Order from Italy and Sterilisation

I just got back from a remittance agency - someone from Italy wanted a copy of the Real Singapore Cat and sent the money by something called Moneygram, which I had never heard of! The name of the agency that the person gave me didn't match the agency I went to, but at any rate, they gave me the money! It's so nice to hear that people are buying our book from as far away as Italy. Michelle and I will be bringing some with us to the CHAMP conference to try and sell them there too.

While I was waiting for the money to be ready, I saw the lovely boy in the photo below and spoke to the caregiver who happened to be there. She understood the importance of sterilisation and was very please do hear she could get a subsidised rate. She said she'd call for a slot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey catlovers, check this out! wonder if its really that great?

self cleaning litter box!

if only the poly students here will work out some similar designs for multicat households.. it'll be such a breeze for the catterys here!


29/8/05 10:38 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I've seen it in the US, but I think the replacements are difficult to buy here, and it's not that cheap. One lady brought hers when she moved to SIngapore and had trouble with replacements.

29/8/05 11:18 PM  
Anonymous mrs budak said...

We went to Sundream on Sunday and the lady said that the book was sold out again! Looks like the sale is doing well. Good for you!

(Looks like we have to do mail order also!)

31/8/05 12:47 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Wow - that was fast! We'll go replenish. Thanks for letting us know.

31/8/05 12:50 AM  

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