Monday, August 29, 2005

Phone calls

Quite a few people calling today for help - one caregiver has a neighbour complaining about the cats in her home. She's wondering if they can do anything to her. There are cats in the neigbourhood and the neighbour thinks they are hers, whereas her cats are never allowed out. She has sterilised the cats in the estate, but apparently the neighbour must have complaints.

Another volunteer called about following up on an abandonment case. It's really important to try and pursue abandonment cases if we can - this way we have an opportunity to try and stop people from dumping animals. A lot of people don't even know it's a crime. If they did, and even SOME people stopped to look for other options, it would be very helpful to reduce the number of cats on the street.

Yet another volunteer called to say that a condominium didn't want the cats there and she wanted to help by removing all the cats. Please don't. It's important to work with the condominium management, but removing all the cats is not the solution, without at least talking to them about a TNRM programme first. If not, new cats will move in due to the vacuum effect and then the lots of cats removed are safe, but all the subsequent lots are taken away and killed. It's important to emphasise that a TNRM programme can help to solve problems. While it's good to be helpful and co-operative, removing the cats is not helping - either the cats or the management in the long run to control the problem. Removal should only ever be done as a last resort, when all else has failed, and you know the cats are going to be killed, and even so there are other circumstances that should be considered first.


Blogger budak said...

What's wrong with these people who can't abide by other living creatures in their vicinity?

30/8/05 10:18 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

No idea - for them, cats are a nuisance.

30/8/05 10:25 AM  

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