Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Real Singapore Cat is DA BOMB as the kids say

I went to the post office this afternoon, and then to the British Council to drop off a thank you note for Neil Gaiman for signing the shirts off for us. It's actually pretty impressive how much security there is - not to mention intimidating.

The last time I dropped something off, I had to sort of leave the car there because there's nowhere to pull up. I was trying to wave the guard over, and the minute I came out they came rushing over. Today I thought I'd try the other entrance - which turned out to be the British High Commission, which I didn't notice at first. So I went up to the guard and tried to hand him the card and a copy of the Real Singapore Cat while explaining whom it was for and he backed up in horror. I was like, "no, no, it's a book! A BOOK!". Anyway, we got that sorted out fairly quickly :)

I also went by Sundream - they've sold all ten copies of our book and now we've just replenished the supplies.


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