Thursday, August 25, 2005

Shooting of TNRM video

The date has been fixed finally and someone has offered to shoot the video for free! So if you'd like to come down for a TNRM workshop and don't mind being filmed at the same time, drop me an email!

We won't be filming the audience exclusively as the 'stars' of the show are Jolanda, who will be demonstrating the trapping, and Imp who has agreed to do the Chinese demonstration (thanks Imp!). However, we would like to show some audience to have a more natural reaction as in a real TNRM workshop, rather than a staged one. The date is 1st September and the time is 7 pm.
We will only be shooting the TNR part of the demonstration, but stay back after and I'll be talking about Management in estates, which is a essential component of the programme.


Blogger The Imp said...

lovely to have someone shoot this for free!! hope we can this rolling and off to everyone. saves you guys the trip and repeating yourselves at every session. moving visuals are always good for the audience.

no worries,dawn. hope my mandarin powderful enough. so long you don't shoot Imp's face and let her remain in the background, Imp happy.

25/8/05 4:41 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes it really is - it's so nice that so many people are pulling together to offer their help on this, from Imp, the person shooting it and various other people!

25/8/05 6:35 PM  

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