Friday, August 26, 2005

Talk and dog update

The school talk went fairly well. There were an equal number of people who said they disliked cats, as who liked cats, both of which were the minority. The rest were indifferent. However, when I asked if cats should be killed just because someone didn't like them - the response was a pretty resounding no!

Unfortunately as usual, there were audio-visual problems. Whenever there is a big system, it's always harder to get it to work! It all went fine in the end though - and the students were able to watch the video "Tails in the City".

They loved our postcards - we gave them out for people who gave right answers and to the rest afterwards. There was quite a mad scramble to grab the best postcards!

I went by and rang the doorbell of the home where I saw the dog. The man who came to the door said he didn't have a white dog. I couldn't really see if the dog was in the house, but I saw a little furry white shape inside the house behind the curtains (the other dog is grey and slightly larger). Whatever it is, the dog is no longer on the road, and hopefully it's home safely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

would bringing a living cat mascot further increase the response of such talks?

26/8/05 4:37 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Probably not because the cat will probably freak out! We used to do pet therapy with cats, and honestly, most cats do not take well to strange places and large crowds, so we had to stop.

26/8/05 4:44 PM  

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