Friday, August 19, 2005

Talk at Poly

We went to one of the Polytechnics today and Marcus gave a talk on Community Cats. Unfortunately the guy who was supposed to arrange it came down with dengue feeder and Marcus and Michelle were in the office with someone who had no idea that there was a talk on at all!

One of the students (who admitted he didn't like cats because they have scary eyes) asked why we want to sterilise the cats because there will be fewer cats in the community. There's still this misconception that because we like cats, we want them to overrun Singapore!

We went down after for a mediation - the guy wouldn't let us into his flat, but it looked fairly clean from the outside. He says his cat is ill and he's bringing it to the vet next week and we can only come back after that. The man seemed a little unusual too - he kept repeating himself and stuttering. Marcus, Michelle and I were all peering in as hard as we could into his flat because obviously we can't force our way in!


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