Tuesday, September 13, 2005

CHAMP - Day 2

The morning session was really interesting - Dr Mackie and Dr Young spoke about setting up clinics and what you need. Dr Mackie's came with a breakdown of how many people your clinic should serve, and what equipment you need along with how many vet technicians you need to get. They both re-emphasised how important it is to do neonantals and young kittens - they do them at 8 to 12 weeks. Dr Young has done day old kittens before, and he says he had no ill effects. Michelle came to join me after her workshop on E-philanthropy and we asked Dr Mackie about what sort of drugs they use. He mentioned that the vets should use whatever they're comfortable with and just reduce the dosage for the drugs they require for the younger kittens. All in all a very enlightening session.

We both attended the afternoon session on Direct Mailers, but it proved not to be so relevant for us in a local context. Then Michelle went to the workshop on Spay Dos and Don't and I went to the one on Trap and reunite - which was very interesting. The lady running it, Ms. Albrecht used to be a police officer, and she realised that some similar skills could be used for cats that go missing. She also mentioned that if an outdoor cat goes missing, it's much harder to find it, but an indoor only cat is easier to find. What I found most interesting was that cats usually hide after they've gone missing for as many as 7 to 10 days and that these cats are actually in the vicinity. They may hear their owners, but don't necessarily come out. As such, putting out traps can be very helpful. One cat was in the ceiling of a vet clinic for more than three weeks and only went into the trap then, even though it was hungry. Will be good information for people who have lost their pets.

Then it was the mad rush to the airport to catch our planes - a lot of people had left by this time, so the last few sessions were sparsely attended unfortunately.


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