Friday, September 30, 2005

"I want to help"

We had someone write in because she had sent some cats to the SPCA and then she wanted them back and this is not the first time is has happened. She asked us to please help but often (as in this case) the person signed a document saying that they were giving the community cats up. The SPCA was able to give her the cats back, but here's the thing - please do not send a cat in unless you realise that the cat is going to in all probability be put down. There's no point sending the cat there and then running to us to ask us to get the cat out. The SPCA has more than 1000 animals sent in every month - they simply don't have the space to take anymore. I realise this was a slightly different case as the woman was facing family objections and the cat kept running into her home but as a rule, be aware of what happens when a cat is sent into SPCA - don't send it in and then regret it later because it may be too late.

Here's the thing - people often write in and say they want to help, but they want (i) the Society to find them a foster, (ii) get them a preferential rate or better still, free treatment,(iii) come pick up the cat and send it in and (iv) board it afterward. I'm not speaking about caregivers who have to look after many cats - these are people who come across ONE cat or a cat once in a blue moon and 'want to help'.

Alternatively, they try and find some other kind soul and ask that person to take in a cat. That person is probably already doing a lot. I often wonder how these people can justify handing another cat to a foster or adding a cat to their colony and walk back to their homes, which sometimes have no animals in them! These people aren't managing colonies either.

Today I got two different emails - one from a TNRM group trying their best to rehome an abandoned kitten. They're spending a lot of money already and they know they're quickly reaching their limit and I do have a lot of sympathy for them because I know how hard it must be. On the other hand, I have this person who writes in and has ONE cat she found. She has been bugging me all day about the discount she can get, how much it will cost, who's going to foster it and goes on about how she's only one person helping this cat out. As far as I know this is the second cat she has written in to 'help'. Surely once in a long while, since she has a job and 'wants to help' she can afford the relatively small sum she was quoted. If not, then let the Society know what the problem is, or don't 'help'.

If you want to help, then do something - as they say, either put up, or shut up.


Anonymous siew kah said...

Perhaps "I want to help" should be rephrased as "I want others to help and I want it to cause as little inconvenience to me as possble."

1/10/05 9:48 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well put.

1/10/05 10:55 AM  

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