Thursday, September 29, 2005

The mystery of the missing envelopes

We recently instituted Business Reply Service envelopes for people to easily return our GIRO forms to us. I received a delivery receipt in the mailbox before I left and went to the counter to ask what to do with them but was told to just ignore them as they were a record of our deposit.

Now I realise we've been billed for a number of envelopes we never received. I called up the main hotline at Singapore Post and have been told the envelopes are all with the post office!

Service in Singapore - you have to love it.

On another note, the Millionaire article on CWS was just sent to us so that we can check the facts. The writeup was good but the funny thing is that everyone else in the article is holding or promoting pedigreed dogs or cats. We're the only ones there who (i) aren't well-connected society people and (ii) are promoting community cats!


Anonymous The Imp said...

whoops.gotta run strict checks with post office then. ugh. envelopes still with them and they dared to bill you?!!

29/9/05 5:14 PM  
Anonymous The Imp said...

hmm...i guess there is a reason why the magazine is named Millionaire.

29/9/05 5:16 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Apparently the two departments are completely different so I have to go ask the post office about the envelopes.

And yes, you're right - that's exactly why it's called Millionaire, but we certainly are in illustrious company! :)

29/9/05 5:26 PM  

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