Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Adoption board

Some of you may have noticed that CWS updated the adoption board on the CWS website. As I mentioned in an earlier posting, we were getting a lot of photos and writeups and the problem is that with more postings, the amount of time any one posting is up is shortened considerably. Obviously this means every cat has less exposure.

One thing done is to take all the photos and descriptions of adopted cats off the board and just have a notation at the top. Another thing is that we've asked the fosters to please limit to posting to 5 cats at a time. Hopefully this means less overall posts, which means each cat can stay on the board longer. People also tend to scroll from the top - and if it gets too long, the cats on the bottom may not have as good a chance of being noticed.

Thanks to Webgal and Marc for the great work maintaining the technical side of adoption board and our adoption volunteer who has been administering it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggest if resources available, have search facility. Today someone requested for help to look for ~2-month old kitten to keep existing kitty company. Preference for ginger, tri-colour or tortie since existing kitty black and white. Current list is short and can scroll through but if resources available, post more cats and search would be useful. Anyway, shortlisted about 7. Good job, CWS!

19/10/05 7:25 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

We'd like to - once one of the volunteers can help with the website, we hope to be able to do this and more!

19/10/05 7:36 PM  

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