Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Adoptions - posting for others

One of our adoption volunteers mentioned that there is a problem with some people posting adoption posts for other people on the board. While it is understandable that some people do not have Internet access, it can lead to some confusion. She said that yesterday for example she had called up the person posting whom she thought was the foster, and the person said she was just posting for the foster. She also mentioned the foster might be keeping the cat. The poster said that she in turn had a few cats she wanted adopted out, and said she would be calling the potential adopter.

The volunteer then called the foster to double check if she was keeping the cat. The foster said that the poster had left the cat with her, but that she had no intention of keeping the cat though the poster wanted her to do so. The foster said the poster was supposed to handle the adoptions. The volunteer was worried, and said that if the poster was going to be using the contacts to get the poster's own cats out, the foster might not be able to get the cat out.

The foster then told the volunteer off and said not to blow it up because they were all trying to help the cats here!

One other person posting apparently was posting cats that she saw on advertisements - and then she lost the contacts and had to ask the adoption team for them.

The problem is that the board has limited space - and sometimes these cats cannot be traced, which means another cat may have lost its chance to get adopted.


Anonymous sk said...

I wonder how many of those who complain about cat related problems have tried to speak to the people whom they think are causing the problem, or the first thing they do is to call the town council...

12/10/05 9:30 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Most people speak to their TCs first I think - it seems quite a few Singaporeans have an aversion to speaking to their neighbours.

12/10/05 9:52 AM  

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