Thursday, October 06, 2005

Business Reply Envelopes

Today I made a second attempt to try and get the GIRO forms which were sent to us. I went down with all the receipts and asked for the forms and the lady at the counter handed the first one to me. She then asked for the company stamp, and I told her I hadn't brought it as no one at the BRS desk had told me to bring it down.

The envelope was whisked off the table and I was informed that this was to prevent just anyone from taking letters that weren't meant for them - but this is from a locked post box! I then took out the authorisation card I have from the post office that allows me to collect registered mail. Still no joy - I have to come back next week with the company stamp.

The staff were are nice and polite, and it's not their fault but they're just so many silly rules!


Anonymous sk said...

Singaporean friends who live in UK and France always tell me how much they miss the efficiency in Singapore. I guess they never had to get GIRO forms.

7/10/05 9:27 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Haha :)

7/10/05 9:32 AM  

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