Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cat at condo update & Mediation FAQ

I spent the afternoon working on a Mediation FAQ - think it might be good to put a few pointers down for some newbies who may not have done a Mediation before. We're happy to come down with you for Mediations as long as we have the manpower to do so - right now, it's a few volunteers doing most of the mediations. I always feel that Mediation is an important part of Management and that if Sterilisation is the backbone of TNRM, Management is the glue that holds if all together.

I also spoke to the boy whose cat was caught by the management of the condo this morning as it was out on the step again. He kept asking whom the complainant was, and I explained that it wasn't about who complained in this case (the manager mentioned a neighbour whom I did not know) but that there was substance to this complaint - the boy himself had mentioned that the cat was making a lot of noise. The boy agreed but said he had left the less noisy kitten outside. He did sound upset that the kitten had been taken, but said that his mother did not want to sterilise the cats and did not want to let the kittens in. I said I would call back again and try and catch his mother.


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