Monday, October 24, 2005

Compassion and responsibility

I went to one of the school's today to talk to them about starting a cat cafe programme on campus. They wanted to know about cat cafes and how to start a management programme in the school. It's a lovely school and the teachers have actually sterilised some of the cats there, and got other cats adopted out, but I am sure there are more cats there. They estimated 3 and the school is much too big to support such a small number. The Principal said that it's also a question of not wanting the population to grow too large. She also mentioned she was having problems in her own apartment with people leaving food out for the cats and I said we would help with that if we can as well.

She mentioned quite a few of the students feed and they gave a school assembly talk to them about how feeding can sometimes be misguided. I told her that this was the best way of getting the students to learn not just compassion but responsibility as well - and it would definitely be a better lesson than just something learnt in a book. They'll be considering it and will revert.


Blogger animalfamily said...

cat cafe sounds really interesting! i had thought about asking Nparks for use of some of the park space for a stray compound cum petting zoo that could serve for public education as well as adoption viewing. a long shot perhaps.. but strays are part of our natural environment too! wonder if anyone would sponsor such a thing.

having school take up management is really wonderful.

25/10/05 2:38 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

It's really not that expensive in terms of setting up, but the food and the sterilisation would need to be paid for obviously. We know of one person at least feeding in a park, so let us know if you know anyone in Nparks!

25/10/05 3:37 PM  

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