Thursday, October 27, 2005

Exaggeration and Abandonment

I was sent an email by a town council saying that a cat had 'attacked' residents. Fortunately, the resident who complained in this case had left her contact details so I called her up and asked about the complaint. It turns out the cat has chased her dog - no attacking. She also said it chases residents. I love how complaints get incredibly distorted - if this was an anonymous complaint, we would never even have gotten to the bottom of this.

I'm trying to find the caregiver in the area, but this cat has just arrived two weeks ago. The complainant confirmed that there are several other cats in the area and that they have been there for quite a while. This is the only cat that tries to go upstairs. One of the caregivers I called to find the caregiver in the area said to me she's quite sure that this cat has been dumped. The cat is probably trying to find its way home.

Another caregiver I spoke to in a different area mentioned the increased dumping in her area too. She said because of the holidays next week, some people don't want to board the cats. Some just leave the cats out when they are away, assuming someone else will feed them. She's expecting an upsurge in dumped cats next week.


Blogger vegancat said...

This is just one documentation of irresponsible recordings of complaints that can lead to unnecessary wastage of taxpayers' $ in engaging pest control companies. This demonstrates why it is important to work with volunteers and cws.

27/10/05 12:14 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I agree - I know town councils have a tough job, but that's where volunteers can come in to help.

27/10/05 1:05 PM  

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