Monday, October 31, 2005

If you're going to volunteer, please turn up

What an exhausting day yesterday was. We set up at Bishan Park for World Animal Day just past 9 am, but there was a problem picking up the merchandise, so the transport person had to drop all the cages, and then go back to pick up the merchandise.

We also were a bit stuck on the adoptions side. As I mentioned, the person who volunteered to be in charge on Friday pulled out at the last minute, which meant that we had to scramble and get everything organised. Apparently, she told the head of adoptions she didn't realise she had to do so much. It DOES a certain amount of co-ordination, but it isn't that difficult. With some of the other committee members, we pulled it together in less than a day.

Please, don't volunteer and then pull out at the last minute - being an almost completely run volunteer organisation, it really makes things difficult for the rest of the volunteers. I've had to pull double duty shifts in the past when I was volunteering because people just didn't show and didn't bother to call. Of course, if there really is a good reason you can't come (and emergencies of course do happen), we will completely understand, but not turning up for no good reason means someone else is going to have to do the work. Either don't volunteer, or else, show up when you're supposed to.

At any rate, we got the cats down, the show set up and everything up and running by around 11 am. Thanks to all the volunteers who DID come - some of whom came at the last minute to help out when we asked for help. You guys are the best! Some people stayed the whole day from morning till night too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Volunteerism in Singapore is still in its infancy. Some volunteers have an bad attitude problem ("I am a volunteer you know so I must be treated like a king!")
We still have a long way to go before we reach the level of "professionalism" of volunteerism as in the west where a person must apply and be assessed for his or her suitability to be a volunteer and when accepted, it is an honour that comes with responsibility.

31/10/05 10:17 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - thanks! :) We really appreciate our good volunteers. They are amazing, and put in hours of hard work without complaining. Unfortunately there are also quite a few people who think that volunteering is the lowest priority, ie if anything else more interesting turns up, they won't come. We are counting on people to help out, so it would be great that if they say they'll come, they'll show up.

31/10/05 10:20 AM  
Anonymous the letter b said...

i find it bewildering that the volunteer said she didn't realise there was alot to do. was she volunteering for the sake of regaling her friends after the event that she's a volunteer? and everyone would go "whoa... your so noble, leh!!"??

31/10/05 11:24 AM  
Anonymous mrs budak said...

That's why I dare not commit to any voluntary work. Donate money no problem, donate time, err....

Sorry ah, being very frank. You need people like me to realise how wonderfully precious all your volunteers are! :P

31/10/05 12:32 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

No Mrs Budak, I admire your frankness - and we do have people who tell us they don't have time to help. However, if people promise to turn up and don't show, it can cause problems - someone else has to do it anyway, which means someone else will have to be there and they will need to cancel their own appointments.

31/10/05 12:43 PM  

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