Friday, October 28, 2005

Infighting helps no one

I was speaking to one of the caregivers and asking if anyone fed in her neighbourhood. This is a neighbourhood that has quite a lot of feeders, but few actual caregivers, which is a problem, and it's compounded by the infighting.

The problem is that quite a few feeders look after their own cats, but should you need help in the area, or with the next block, no one will help. If the cats in the next block are in trouble and will be rounded up, they won't help. I can understand that there are limitations in time and money, and that a line has to be drawn somewhere. In fact, we have caregivers who do the opposite and do too much, and are exhausted and don't do a good job managing the area. However, this is more about their attitude - I've asked feeders if they could just go down to the next block and check out the situation and been turned down flatly.

This caregiver herself said she was fed up and is going to just look after her own cats now. This is the neighbourhood where rather strangely after a volunteer group meeting, different feeders pulled me aside to tell me that they were feeding better food (and more cats) then the other feeders.

If only they could all get along, the cats would benefit so much.


Blogger yskat said...

This is why community cats continue to suffer: people who take care of them often refuse to work with others with the same interest - so the individual efforts to improve the life of cats will only be just that - individual.

29/10/05 10:24 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I agree - we really are stronger when we can all work together for the cats. It helps not just in terms of logistics, but also emotional support.

29/10/05 11:05 AM  

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