Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Irresponsible owners

One of the feeders called me a while ago. She told me that the person she had asked us to speak to a while ago about sterilising her cat did not do so, and the cats had given birth three times since. She is thinking of taking the cat, sterilising it and then abandoning it some place else! The feeder said that if she sterilised it and returned it, the woman would suspect her and the woman might try and hurt her. However, the woman might well think that she's taken the cat away anyway!

The woman with the cat apparently told the feeder that she was being nosy and should get her own cats sterilised first. While I certainly don't condone what she is doing (letting her pet cat repeatedly give birth), she does have a point - the feeder has not sterilised her own community cats.

On another front, the girl who had the mother cat and three kittens outside her flat on the sofa called me. The cats, if some of you may remember, were taken away by volunteers to be sterilised and they said then they didn't want the mother cat. She wants one of the cats back now, despite the fact that she didn't call me back when she was supposed to and I had tried to call her. She said her phone was disconnected.


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