Sunday, October 09, 2005

It probably ISN'T about you

Someone wrote in to say she was upset that I had mentioned her in my blog in an unflattering way - the thing is, I wasn't referring to that person at all. I was writing about a person who has written in before and has been difficult - this person was a new person who wrote in and had a similar (but not that similar) problem.

Here are some statistics to chew on - I answer an average of about 30 emails a day on a quiet day. On a busy day, I can answer as many as 70 to 80 emails. I also speak to a fair number of people - anywhere from 5 to say 35 people on a busy day. So if I blog about something, it probably ISN'T about you. Most people who write in are reasonable and nice - one or two can be difficult and can really ruin your day especially when they're threatening to say put a cat down, when you know the cat deserves a chance to live. If you're in any doubt, write in and ask.


Anonymous the imp said...

why do people react only when they deem it unflattering? no names were ever mentioned anyway. and the cases you deal with aint usually an isolated case.

only those with guilt in their hearts will perceive it to be them.

10/10/05 12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant agree more!

To the lady who was upset - Get a life!

If you cant handle negativity in any subtle way, then you're not fit to be human...

10/10/05 10:55 AM  

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