Friday, October 21, 2005

A Look at Owner Requested Euthanasia - Maddie's Fund newsletter

Maddie's Fund - Newsletter

I like the Tompkins County SPCA approach.


Anonymous mrs budak said...

In this board I'm visiting, some members talked of vets that collected money from owners who wanted their pets euthanised, then used that money to rehouse these pets (which are, of course, healthy and still have many years to go). Without the owner's knowledge, of course.

Not ethical? Really hard to say. Sometimes, people give the strangest reasons to have their pets put down - moving to a new home; new baby; running out of space, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if some vets get so fed up by these excuses that they'd actually do that.

21/10/05 11:28 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I do know of vets that have called us to ask us to rehome animals that the owner wanted to kill. One lady was moving and didn't want her cat anymore. I know at least one vet clinic does not accept any euthansia of this sort.

I agree though this is a tough call - but in this particular case, I was more interested in people going to shelters to put their animals down. It's in many cases I think, pushing the blame to the shelter - plus it's free! You don't even need to pay to have your animal killed.

At least at the vet, you are made to feel some form of responsibility, you pay for it at least AND your pet is spared the terror of being put down with a bunch of other animals at the shelter.

21/10/05 11:50 AM  
Anonymous Liyana said...

I agree with what Dawn says, at least they are made to feel responsible for what they are doing. People euthanise for many reasons, ridiculous or unethical and cold as it may seem, but i think that would be a better alternative than abandoning them in the streets and let them suffer.

In an ideal world, all pets would have loving owners who will care for them till the end of their lives but unfortunately, this world we live in is far from ideal....

24/10/05 9:04 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

You brought up an interesting (and difficult) point Liyana - and as you said, one that in an ideal world no animal would ever be subject to.

24/10/05 11:43 PM  
Blogger Sandra Fuller said...

I am facing having to euthanize an older sweet dog that no one wants because he has a chronic ear infection due to be attacked by dog years ago and lost an eye.His ear healed up, but now the ear canal opening has closed up considerably and cant get air in it.I am being forced to consider euthanasia because the rules have changed where I live on how many dogs I can have.I have 5 and must go down to three.I only have one thats suitable for adoption the others are not.Its an awful, but no one wants a 12 year old one eye dog that suffers from chronic ear infections.So tell me how can I expect a stranger who has no vested emotions to take my dog who is old and needs daily cleaning and treatment of his ear that smells? Would you have me to just give him to anyone and he die from neglect? I say better the demons you know than the ones you dont.Moving isnt an option because then id have to euthanize more of my dogs that arent suitable for adoption.Other places only allow one dog.What would you have me do?

25/11/12 9:29 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Sandra, I'm sorry that you are in such a difficult position. Are you living in a rental where the rules changed recently? If they are aware that you always had the five dogs, is there any way you can challenge this ruling?

I've personally been in the same position - not with having to put the dog down but having more than the 'allowed' number of dogs - and I was able to get permission to keep them all. I went to my vet, then went to my regulatory authority and was able to prove I was a responsible owner. Perhaps you can try that?

25/11/12 10:26 AM  

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