Monday, October 10, 2005

Mediation course

I've just been told that the Community Mediation Centre is holding a course this weekend and they've set aside a space for me! It's two full days - both Saturday and Sunday, so bye bye weekend. It's a great learning opportunity though and I'm really grateful.

The management of the condo wrote to me and said that if the person with the unsterilised cats doesn't get them sterilised, they will trap the cats. I've called and they've agreed to get them done in two weeks.

I spoke to the other volunteer in the estate and asked for her help to persuade them. She said they were quite a lost cause and she had been trying for years, even offering to send the cats to the vet for them. She also told me she was quite sure they were well able to afford the sterilisation. *Crossing fingers that they'll go*


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