Monday, October 31, 2005

Stressed cats?

I just spoke to a young woman with 4 cats in her home. She seems to care for her cats, but does not quite know how to look after them. She mentioned wanting to put them into a shelter but can't afford that. Right now, they are kept in a cage and she said they just have enough space to turn around. They also have no litter pan because she encourages them to use the toilet floor. She lets them out for an hour or two a day if she's busy and they have to avail themselves of the toilet facilities at this time.

She also mentioned they're dropping fur all over the place. It might well be they're just incredibly stressed and if they're let out, it may help. It's compounded by the fact that the she has tenants she rents to and that they have complained about the defecation all over the toilet floor. I've advised her to try a litter pan and to let the cats out. If they have a proper place to defecate and they are less stressed, the constant fur shedding may stop. She mentioned the vet said they might have fleas as well but she says that the creams and the like have no worked. I asked if she might go to the vet again but she says she doesn't usually take them as she does not have much money.


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