Thursday, October 13, 2005

TC blues

I'm so upset right now - absolutely livid and disappointed. One of the volunteers called because they had an agreement with the town council that the volunteers and town council would work together. Two weeks ago, their cats were trapped without the town council calling first to allow volunteers to mediate the complaint (which was the agreement). The volunteer went down to speak with the Deputy GM and asked why this happened, after calling and asking me to email him repeatedly (as she has no e-mail).

She went down to speak with him last night and he said the agreement was just off because the complainants did not want their particulars known or made anonymous complaints. As such, they could not pass their details to the volunteers. He said they would 'investigate' and then remove the cats.

The volunteer said that for example in cases of defecation (which are the cause of most complaints), the culprits are not the community cats and that they need to speak with the residents who let their cats out. The DGM said that they had no time to trace all this, because they had other things like dengue to worry about.

So answer me this - if they're so busy, why don't they ask the volunteers (who are a very responsible group in this area) to look into it, so that the TC doesn't need to go out, investigate the complaint, call in pest control and spend money to kill the cats? You have a group of volunteers saying, call me, call me, I want to help, and this is the response they have. Do only complaints lead to results? Why do people who genuinely want to help get the brush off, but complainants get tended to?

Even if they DID have a problem, why didn't they contact the volunteers and tell them? Why did they just cancel the agreement and not say a thing so the volunteers had a rude shock?

The volunteer is very upset which is completely understandable and is talking to the other TNRM caregivers in the area.


Anonymous sk said...

You are understandably upset and disappointed. Tooks like the town council just decided that it does not want to deal with volunteers anymore, and like many government organisations here, refuses to offer a good reason or to discuss the matter further. The higher level members of the government often talk about the importance of open discussion, debate, and good reasoning; yet this is precisely what the 'working level' organisations like this town council refuses to do.

14/10/05 10:36 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

What is especially disappointing was that the MP had written a letter which was quite sympathetic to the volunteers. If the MP is supportive too, then what does it take to get TCs to agree to work with volunteers?

14/10/05 10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few whips on their backsides!!

14/10/05 10:52 AM  

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