Friday, October 21, 2005

TC meeting

I met with the volunteer and her town council Property Manager and several of the officers today. The talk started out in the usual way - ie that there are cat lovers and cat haters and the town council needs to find a way to solve complaints. I explained that this really isn't an effective or efficient way of looking at the situation. There is a problem - and we believe that the best and most effective way of solving complaints is also the most humane - running a Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage programme.

The Property Manager was quite adamant at the beginning but eventually agreed to call if there is a complaint before removing the cats. I hope she does do so. There were another five property officers there - the three men (two of whom were older) looked pretty bored, but one of the younger women was nodding imperceptibly while I was speaking. Younger officers on the whole seem to be more open to the idea - so maybe with more newer officers we may have a better chance of selling the idea of TNRM to them.


Anonymous Moglee said...

Few months ago,I heard from a feeder that in the 1st estate, the town council ordered their cleaners to round up any cats and electrocute them. She even knew when the ambush and death sentence was carried out! But she does not have any evidence to proof it.

Past few days, I hear from another feeder that a 2nd estate next to the 1st estate also started rounding up cats and they were never seen again.

Yesterday, I met a Malay machik who told me her experience with her town council. The officers ambushed her in the late night at her house, gave her 15 days to get rid of her 20 babies. She has no choice but to migrate them to Malaysia. She spent almost $1k to do all the necessary legal paperwork. And she is from the 1st estate.

And to add into my misery, I have not seen 3 sterilised community cats in my block for past 3 weeks. These threesome only appeared in the night and looking at the ambush practices, they might be captured. And guess what, my estate is next to the 1st estate.

Sometimes, I wish someone will write a headline such as "Is there a Cat Killer in Town Councils?"

24/10/05 10:33 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Moglee - it's really important you call your town council to find out if the cats you look after were rounded up. If so, you can ask what happened to them and may be able to get them back if they've been sterilised.

Why did the Malay lady have to remove her cats? Were they in her home or were they community cats?

If any cats are removed, please call the town council and AVA immediately.

24/10/05 10:52 AM  
Anonymous Moglee said...

Actually, I am not one of the feeder. I am just a little old girl who often does meow talk to these threesome. I tried to find the auntie who fed them but she did not seem to be around.

The Malay auntie kena complaint by her neighbours. She never let any of her 20 babies out of her house or even at the corridor. Her house is very clean too.

With so many stories reel and real about the doings of AVA and Town Council, some feeders lost faith in them already. I told my friends, if these feeders continue to yuck yuck among themselves and refuse to stand up, the one that really suffer is the remaining alive cats.

24/10/05 11:09 AM  

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