Monday, October 17, 2005

There IS something you can do

I've been trying to talk to this family in one of the condos on the TNRM programme. I mentioned them before - they have 7 unsterilised cats at the moment, 3 of which are pregnant (probably 2 now - one has probably given birth).

The manager of the condo called me today - there were two kittens meowing their heads off for the last few days. The neighbours are fed up and want the kittens taken in or trapped.

I called and managed to get the mother and she kept complaining about the other neighbours. She said she might sterilise one of the cats, but was only being kind and didn't want to spend the money to sterilise the rest. I told her that the kittens are going to be taken away and killed if she doesn't take them in and her response was to tell the management to go ahead and do so.

She said that people leave notes on her car, that the neighbourhood has gotten snobbish since they privatised, but when I told her that the management was agreeable to not trapping them if the cats are sterilised, she wasn't interested. She said, in her words that they could "all go to hell".

When I tried to tell her that these cats are all going to get caught again, it didn't seem to make an impression on her. She said there was nothing she can do. There is though - she could just get them sterilised. It would literally save these cats' lives.

I spoke to her son, and he said that at least one of the kittens is the offspring of one of the pregnant cats (which the mother had earlier mentioned). He also agreed they are very noisy. He says his mother is not happy when they're in the flat, and that he wants to give them away. He was more concerned that they were going to be killed than his mother - but if his mother comes home and turns them out again, what is he going to do?

I've asked if I can come down and speak with them personally - the mother keeps rushing somewhere when I call. I'm really worried that because of this one family, the whole TNRM programme in the estate is going to fail. They have 7 unsterilised cats now (9 if you count the kittens), but if they aren't sterilised, they're going to have far more than that - or else the management is going to come and trap and kill the rest of their cats.

People often say there isn't anything they can do if the management/TC decides to trap - but there is. Fewer numbers, means less complaints, means the chances of trapping is much less. Plus, you can go to the management/TC and tell them that you want to start a TNRM programme and not to trap the cats. No management/TC is going to agree to having an ever increasing number of cats in the area. And the only way to get a controlled population is through sterilisation.

One bright note - one lady called up to say that she's just moved into her condo and wants to start a TNRM programme. She says that she suspects that there are plenty of people feeding already and she doesn't want to do that - what she wants to do is get all the cats sterilised!


Anonymous moglee said...

> 7 cats
> Mother don;t care if the cats are trapped, live or die.
> Son is concerned that the cats will die if trapped.

I see this: The mother is obliging her son's request to allow the cats live with them. She is not happy with 7 cats in the house. Between mother and son, I sensed emotionally threat here.

I suspect Son wants to help the cats but he has no money. Mother only willing to pay for one cat sterlisation.

My suggestion: Son can be persuaded to join the programme. Invite him to join Vegancat and observe what is being done. I believe only him can persuade his mother to do the right thing. Son can be foster parent to the remaining six cats until they are adopted.

Kittens meow because they are hungry every other hour. The son must feed them. He must learn and understand how to take care of kittens and cats.

If both mother and son take the right approach, neighbours will be less angry with them.

18/10/05 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Moglee said...

Ops! Sorry! I meant to say Son should join volunteers like Vegancat and observe what can be done for kittens and cats.

My apologies to Vegancat for suggesting Son to join him.

18/10/05 9:07 AM  
Blogger vegancat said...

I think the family need an IQ assessment :)

My admiration to Dawn for her perseverance and patience in dealing with this dysfunctional family. It is again a case of misplaced compassion and the cats and kittens are the ones who will suffer at the end.

18/10/05 9:38 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I agree Moglee - that's what I suspect may be the case too. I've asked if I can go down and speak with the family.

However the mother admitted to me she feeds the cats too because she feels sorry for them. She just doesn't think she needs to sterilise.

They have a TNRM group in the estate, but I think the volunteers are losing patience because they have spoken with the family several times. The son I think is more concerned about the cats, but doesn't necessarily understand why the cats needs to be sterilised. He keeps wanting to adopt the kittens out.

18/10/05 10:18 AM  

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