Friday, October 07, 2005

Trapped cats

Another caregiver called me to say that some cats had been trapped quite early yesterday and they have not turned up at AVA yet. If any of your cats are trapped and they don't turn up at the AVA, do call and ask the town council what has happened. Some town councils have said that they keep the cats overnight but if they do so, they have to provide food, water and adequate shelter for the cats.

If you or any of the other caregivers are around to take note, do take down the time and date it happened and if you can, a good description of the van, including the vehicle number plate. If you can demonstrate that five cats are caught, but only two turn up at AVA for example, then it should be looked into, so the more information the better.


Anonymous imp said...

ugh. so sneaky. gross. how can people be so cruel and careless.

7/10/05 6:27 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes the 'good' news is that they turned up at AVA and didn't go missing on the way there. TC is now looking into why the cats were caught in the first place.

7/10/05 6:32 PM  

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