Monday, November 28, 2005

Another busy day!

I went to the accountants after to get our quarterly accounts picked up.

A reporter from the Straits Times called - they're doing a story on the microchipping of all dogs, and wanted to know if it should be extended to include cats. I spoke with LT and Michelle and we all agreed that it makes no sense to extend the ruling right now as no one can keep a cat in an HDB flat anyway. If the idea is to curb abandonment, then people must have the legal right to keep cats in the first place.

Also spoke to a new vet clinic and they mentioned they may be able to offer us subsidised rates. Jolanda and I will go down and speak with them tomorrow.

Michelle, Marcus, Jolanda and I are going to meet with some of the SPCA people tonight to discuss if we can work together in certain areas. It's important for animal groups to work together too so we can all speak up for the animals.


Blogger coboypb said...

It's good to find areas of synergy. With a bigger voice, hopefully animal groups will be heard and policies like the HDB ruling can be changed and more people can be educated about the community cats.

28/11/05 6:45 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - it really is!

28/11/05 11:25 PM  

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