Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cat traps - a good time to talk about TNRM

One of our volunteers drove with me to deliver cat traps this afternoon. We stopped by and I passed two traps to a caregiver. One of the men walked by and looked at the trap, so I told them what we were doing. When I first started delivering traps, I used to think it should be done a little quietly, so as not to bring attention to the trap, lest people want to bother the caregiver. However, what I've since found is that the opposite is true - that people tend to be very interested in the traps and that this is the best time to explain about sterilisation. People will then tell you they noticed ear tipped cats and didn't know what it meant, or that this is a good idea. If they have any objections, that is the time to tackle it as well.

The same thing happened today. As we were talking to the caregiver, one of the men walked by who might have been a contractor for the building. He mentioned that there had been 40 to 50 cats in the area, and that according to him, it cost $80 for pest control to remove the cat, but that if they hired some of their own workers, they paid $10. The volunteer explained to him that it was more effective AND humane to let the cats remain where they were. He said that there were complaints of defecation and we explained that the caregiver was taking care of that. I passed the caregiver some of the solution that Minako kindly donated so she'll be trying that.

The contractor said that the caregiver had a good heart before walking off.


Blogger yskat said...

The $80 paid to a pest control company to cull a cat can get more than 2 cats sterilised. This (again) shows that town councils want to spend MORE for a "solution" that doesn't work. One wonders if some of these estate managers have been given too much money by the government.

25/11/05 1:26 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

This was a privately managed estate, but you're right - do residents want their money going into this?

25/11/05 1:49 PM  

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