Monday, November 21, 2005

CWS Get together

We had a good get-together yesterday. People seemed to enjoy themselves, and we did too, though there wasn't enough time to really speak with everyone.

It was really nice to see people mingling, sharing stories and the like. Jolanda gave a demonstration on trapping to the people who wanted to see it - probably one of the last few that Jolanda will give before leaving Singapore.

Liang Tong rounded up what the Society did over the past year and what we hope to achieve in the future as well.

We also had a lucky draw and some people were so obviously excited over what they won that it was really nice!

Thanks to everyone who came down!


Anonymous mrs budak said...

Haha... turned out that Liang Tong was my JC mate. The cat trap demonstration was very informative and it really drives home the kind of patience one must have in trapping the cats for sterilisation! Thanks Jolanda and everyone at CWS for organising the get-together!

21/11/05 9:24 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

What a small world!

It was great finally meeting you - it was a shame I didn't have more time to chat with both you and Mr Budak!

21/11/05 10:37 PM  

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