Monday, December 12, 2005

Abuse of community cats

Jolanda called me about this woman who had rung her to say that she was a caregiver in an estate where the cats were being sexually molested by this elderly woman. She told Jolanda that she abuses dogs or cats - whatever she can find.

I spoke with the caregiver and she swore that she saw it happening at least twice She also told Jolanda that the woman is clever not to do it when she is being watched. I've asked her to please make a police report (she had only called the police but not made a report). She complained that the other residents did not want to come forward, but that she had friends who also witnesses this on several occasions. I've told her that all need of them need to file a police report and she said she will do so.


Blogger =^..^= said...

This is sick. I know this kind of problems are difficult to tackle because most of the abuse occur in secret, witnesses don't want to come forward and the victims can never tell.

This woman needs to be stopped and not just for the sake of the community animals. She is clearly suffering from a mental illness that needs to be treated. I woud hate to think about how much further she would go if allowed to carry on.

Statistics after all do show that people who sexually attack animals are more likely to molest or rape people. If she isn't stopped now, her next victims might be the children.

~5-Cat Style

12/12/05 2:39 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Exactly right - it could escalate to a child for example. However there is a CHANCE that the caregiver didn't see what happened properly - I don't know how close she was to see it and I've never spoken to this caregiver before. I do hope it's not actually happening, but if it is, as you said, it has to be stopped.

12/12/05 2:48 PM  

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