Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Contacting the authorities

I just spoke to a feeder who said that this man they had reported to the police has possibly killed another cat. I understand the police have launched an investigation and are planning to charge the man, so I told her it's imperative she get the police. She said she tried to call but they didn't answer, so she decided instead to call SOS Animals. She called us. I know she called the SPCA. The last time around she did the same thing - she spoke to everyone but the police.

Now it's good to keep the welfare organisations in the loop and we appreciate it, but she needs to let the proper authorities know. If this man is being charged, this could make a difference in terms of the sentencing for example.

So please, contact the proper authorities. They are the ones who can file the charges and prosecute. Do inform the welfare groups, but we have no police powers (as this woman knows). To pin an abuser down, you need to go through the right channels. Building a case needs evidence and to go to the right people, who are the authorities in this case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hhmmm..... you know the ASPCA in US has full police power?? so nice......

So did the woman actually called the police???

13/12/05 8:36 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm waiting to hear back from her. She said she would.

14/12/05 1:08 AM  

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