Friday, December 02, 2005

Different interests working together

Here's my riff on why we can't all just love each other. We spend so much time fighting each other - fighting town councils, Management committees, Pest Controls, the AVA, even other people in welfare work, that we just waste a lot of energy.

If we could all focus our energy on trying to solve the community cat population issue, we would save ourselves a lot of grief and be closer to finding a solution. It's natural that we will start off being distrustful of each other, but viewing each other as the enemy isn't helpful - the real 'enemy' is in letting community cat situation overcome all of us.

Imagine a time where the pest control traps cats under the auspices of the town council, working with the caregivers, to be sent to the AVA for free or cheap sterilisation. We'd lick this problem in no time.

Idealistic? I didn't decide to work with CWS if there wasn't a little idealist inside :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you send your comments to the newspapers?
I am quite worried that in my absence, someone here will try to take the cats in the condo away. By which time, all 3 will be sterilised. There is no one I can entrust this task of looking after them. A friend is coming to give food and clean the litter tray for my 4 cats but she can't stay and watch if the 3 outside show-up. They show up at 6am and 5pm. These are not the times my friend will be at my house. It really will be all my effort wasted if something happens to them. Costs aside, all these months of looking after them and waiting for the kittenns to grow up to be sterilised..down the drain.
Angela-Bishan 8

2/12/05 9:32 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I would be happy for you to leave my details with the management - they can contact me if there is a problem.

2/12/05 10:50 PM  
Anonymous adie said...

Well seems like its hard to make singaporeans realised the meaning of humanity.What is there to care for when their world is where animals doesnt exists.Whats most important is that their properties,thier areas and their lands is not being tresspassed or occupied by some filthy,skiny creature looking for food or shelter.They dont care.They dont even bother to know why GOD created animals.For them,these are disease carriers...yes!!And if so they are,they shall be dispose and treated like garbage.Shame...shame.Ive seen kittens begging for food in a hawker cntr once only to receive a slump on its head by a huuuge feet from a man which i could say look very civilized.That was a very unacceptable act.He got trouble from me after that..haha..serve him right.This is just one example.I believe that there's more unjustice done to animals as we speak.So to all reading this lets spread the message to the society about animals.By our determination,commitment and will that we show the affection towards animals,will make us a humane help us god. adie:)

3/12/05 5:44 AM  
Blogger vegancat said...

I think it is courageous to take the less trodden path as we take in the lessons of life.
It takes courage to give "trouble" to the big bully who gave his foot instead of his compassion to a tiny kitten.
Let's all band together and put aside all our little differences to remain focus on our motivation of improving the extremely marginalized community animals.

3/12/05 1:07 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well said Vegancat!

3/12/05 4:50 PM  

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